8 bags and boxes of trash, straight from the lobby trash cans.


Two small, easy to handle bags of deflated trash that will save you money!

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Talking Trash

PACK-A-DRUM press articles.

"Good Trash Goes in Small Packages"

"Small Wonder"

  • Chain Store Age Magazine, November 2003

    Good things can come in small packages, especially when it comes to managing trash. An easy-to-use, manual system that converts large bags of trash into smaller bags of deflated or smashed trash has reduced waste-hauling expenses for such operators as McDonald's, KFC and Taco Bell.
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The Myths and Misconsceptions in the Processing of Waste (lies and mistruths told)

  • White Paper on the common misunderstood industry of trash and trash talk - January 2012

    All the dirty little was the waste industry tries to increase profits for their companies.
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The Business of Waste (the dirty business)

  • Restaurant Facility Business Magazine Article - March 2011:

    Understand your waste and recycling process can reveal hidden profits in your business.
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Deflating Waste & Inflating Profits (hidden secrets of waste business)

  • Restaurant Facility Business Magazine Article -  September 2010:

    Changing your waste process can reap a host of benefits for your business.
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Hidden Profits: Optimize your profits and become more sustainable by managing your trash flow

  • Facilitator Magazine - Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) - January 2013

  Finding the money hidden in your trash can be a simple approach with the right procedures and tools in place.

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Going Green to Find More Green - (White Paper on How Chili's Pepper Dining & Macaroni Grill produced more profits)

  • Find out how two chains saved over one million dollars over the next 5 years on waste & become greener or more sustainable in the process

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