Saving You Money

Each year millions of dollars are lost in the inefficient disposal of low density waste.

In the United States waste hauling is charged by volume. As landfills across the country close in record numbers and landfill taxes rise, waste hauling costs will contine to rise.

In the restaurant/retail industries it is hard to find products that save money, let alone one that can put thousands of dollars per year straight to the bottom line.

Pack-A-Drum will conduct a FREE Savings Analysis of your restaurants/retail outlets to show you how much money you can save on your waste hauling expenses. All you have to do is supply us with a copy of your current waste hauling bill to start today.

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Pack-A-Drum Dining Room Trash Can & Caddie

PACK-A-DRUM trash deflation systems will cut your waste hauling bills by 40-60% - GUARANTEED!

containerDining Room Trash Transfer Container:

  • Improves QSC (Quality, Service and Cleanliness) focus in the front of the house.
  • Blue colored container for designated use.
  • Clean, slip free movement of trash from the dining room to back of the house.
  • Retains fluids reducing slip & fall situations in the front of the house.
  • Reduces the need for mopping during busy periods.
  • Improves productivity by reducing the time and/or trips needed to complete front of the house tasks.
  • Chemical caddy enables employees to address cleaning opportunities while collecting trash.


  • Advanced Rotationally Molded for longer life
  • Toter’s Rugged Rim design to ensure superior life
  • Durable construction with raised handles for less bending and safer transport
  • Fluted wall design reduces tension between polybag liner and container
  • 2 year Warranty


  • 44 Gallon x HD Atlas Container
  • Dimensions: 24.75”x31.25”


Crush Trash Bills!

8 bags and boxes of trash,
straight from the lobby trash cans.


Two small, easy to handle bags
of deflated trash that will save you money!


Results in a