Saving You Money

Each year millions of dollars are lost in the inefficient disposal of low density waste.

In the United States waste hauling is charged by volume. As landfills across the country close in record numbers and landfill taxes rise, waste hauling costs will contine to rise.

In the restaurant/retail industries it is hard to find products that save money, let alone one that can put thousands of dollars per year straight to the bottom line.

Pack-A-Drum will conduct a FREE Savings Analysis of your restaurants/retail outlets to show you how much money you can save on your waste hauling expenses. All you have to do is supply us with a copy of your current waste hauling bill to start today.

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Pack-A-Drum Trash Management System

Gearing you up for profits.

Pack-A-Drum is the most advanced low tech trash deflator/compactor on the market today. The Pack-A-Drum system is a manually operated system that anyone can operate. This unique system reduces trash volume which decreases the number of trash pickups and/or dumpster size.

Learn more about the complete system below by clicking on each item below, download our product brochure (PDF), or watch a video demonstration.

  Trash container and cleaning caddie Pack-A-Drum Trash Deflator Platform Cart
lift-system platform-cart compactor-glory-shot  container

Lift System

Prevents injures caused by lifting loads by improved work practices utilized by using the manually operated lift system. Learn more.

Platform Cart

Provides easy movement for deflated trash and broken down cardboard from store to dumpster. The open design facilitates quick inspection to prevent theft.
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Trash Deflator

The heart of the Pack-A-Drum trash management system, provides an 8 to 1 force conversion ratio. Simply place the trash in the deflator, close the top and turn the wheel to realize your savings. The ease of use allows anyone to load and operate the unit.
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Trash Container & Cleaning Caddie

Prevents leaks and improves sanitation. Handy cleaning caddy for dining room cleaning.
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