Pack-A-Drum was founded & invented by some very upset restaurant owners due to the charges they were paying for trash removal in a franchise or city controlled waste market. They quickly found out that conventional electric compactors would get them in trouble with the waste hauler for generating compacted waste and change their rates by 3 to 5 times that of loose trash. This would make the change to electric compactors worthless and never pay back any return on investment.

After discussing this with a business partner that owned 51 Burger King Restaurants that had just thrown away all his electric compactors due to many issues including repair costs - this was the wrong approach. This is when we decided to patent the first manually operated compactor/deflator for the restaurant industry. (Deflate your trash don't compact it) The goal was to design, test and produce a safe reliable manually operated compactor/deflator for the food service industry. It also had to be durable and long lasting to withstand the demanding restaurant environment. The Pack-A-Drum was introduced to the food service industry in 1996 with several clients owning McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Miami Subs restaurants.

Our Recycling Vision  recycle-icon

We approached a friend who owned a cardboard recycling company to help remove the cardboard from our waste stream. In 1993 this became the first restaurant to separate cardboard from trash and started an up roar with the big waste hauling companies. A classic David and Goliath fight was started as to who could recycle in franchise waste areas. Today, due to the efforts of that small recycler, the recycling associations and the Pack-A-Drum team you can select a different recycler for your recyclable materials from your trash hauler. This case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Saving restaurants more money by diverting cardboard from the landfill was a huge savings approach. We became one of the first sustainable restaurants from recycling our cardboard years before being sustainable or green processes were invented.

Our Process & Safety Vision  SAFETY FIRST

The enthusiastic acceptance of the Pack-A-Drum system for quick service food restaurants (QSR) led to the development of accessory items. The lack of an organized approach to trash management within the restaurant industry, with staff moving bags by hand and dripping them all over the facility, lead to several process improvements to help restaurant owners avoid other costs. (Slip & Fall, Lawsuits) The system that evolved provided solutions to address problems associated with the processing of waste within restaurants and food service industries. A dining room trash can with chemical cleaning caddy and custom platform cart to facilitate the movement of trash from the front of the house to the dumpster was introduced for safety and efficiency.

To address full service restaurant applications, a light weight manual lift system was designed to move processed waste from the compactor/deflator without any employee having to physically lift the trash. This process is made easier without anyone lifting the trash as it can be slid from the Pack-A-Drum onto the lift cart. The next step of placing the bag into the dumpster is facilitated by cranking the winch handle to lift the bag to dumpster height and push the bag into the dumpster. This greatly reduced the opportunity for lifting injuries within the restaurants.

Customers confirm the Pack-A-Drum system significantly increases workplace safety, reduces opportunity for theft and lowers slip & fall situations for both guests and employees, while dramatically decreasing waste hauling costs.


Today, Pack-A-Drum's proprietary system has revolutionized the handling of low density waste and simplified this operation into a profit generating solution for our clients. The Pack-A-Drum experience has never been about simply selling products but about developing value-added services and customized solutions for handling low density waste in every corner of the world. Our customer's say it's the solution approach that makes doing business with Pack-A-Drum a unique experience. Over the years, we have helped Quick Service Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools, Commercial Businesses and Bowling Alleys reduce their trash costs by 40-60%. Partnering with waste consultants and brokers in the waste management field we help them produce huge savings for their clients long term.

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