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Proprietary Technology

Going Green Saves You Big Money

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What The Waste?

Produce Substantial Profits From Your Trash

If we can put a dollar more to your bottom line, would you give us a quarter? Our PATENTED deflation and compaction waste volume reduction system will:

  • Eradicate Waste Hauling costs, by reducing your waste by 50%.
  • No more worries about mixed waste, our system facilitates material separation and volume reduction.
  • Stop stressing over pests, rodents, birds and flies, this will reduce access to food source & mess.
  • Eliminate dumpster oders, by containing waste matter you eliminate dumpster odor.
  • Reduce employee theft, as a result of less trash runs with fully exposed trash.

Increasing Profits & Making The World Better

Helping Restaurant Franchise Owners Increase Profits Globally

Going Green Saves

You Money & The Planet

Going Green Saves

Using Pack-a-Drum lowers your carbon footprint by reducing trash hauling.

Reduced Costs

Less Electricty & Less Waste

Reduced Costs

Lower your electricity bills by eliminating electronic compactors entirely.

Patented Compacting

Without Increasing Waste Rates

Patented Compacting

First deflator system invented that does not exceed loose trash limits or weight per cubic yard.

Reduce Waste

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Secure Money

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Save Earth

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Increase Revenue

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Help Us Start The Clean Waste Revolution

Reasons To Trust Pack-a-Drum. The Patented Compactor That Converts Waste Into Cash.

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Pack-a-Drum Systems is more than just your new standard operating procedure.

With all of the benefits, and none of the draw backs. We've created the ultimate franchise waste solution.
Waste Cost Savings
Less Company Theft
Reduced Cleaning Time
Mission And Vision

“Provide a safe and manageable waste solution for all that recovers lost profits.”

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